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German Pavilion at Gulfood (BMEL) 2018

18 – 22 February 2018 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Booth number: Z6-F30

Hamburg is well known for its key strategic role in the trading and transportation of one of the world’s finest natural commodities – coffee. The CAFEA Group’s headquarters are located in the Speicherstadt area of Hamburg’s docks. With its beautifully preserved warehouses steeped in many years of history, this can rightly be regarded as the centre of the international coffee trade. It is from here that the activities of the Group’s various production companies are coordinated. Over its long period of history, the CAFEA Group – including its subsidiaries, of which most notably DEK Hamburg – has grown to be the largest group of experts on and manu- facturers of instant coffee and coffee-based beverages for the own-label sector. There are many types of soluble coffee, of varying grades of quality. As the coffee expert, we have got the whole range covered: we can supply spray-dried, granulated (agglomerated) and freeze-dried coffee products made to any required recipe and blend (also decaffeinated) and all with an unwavering quality.

Most notably our instant coffee varieties such as capuccino and Viennese Blend are rapidly gaining ground at the moment.

Cafeastr. 1
21107 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 75304
E-mail: marketing@dek.de
Internet: www.cafea.com/de


Hochland Deutschland GmbH

Booth number: S2-H57

Hochland – Your Partner in Cheese.
Hochland SE is a family-owned business based in Heimenkirch in the Allgäu. From the outset in 1927 the company has concentrated exclusively on the production, refinement and sales of cheese, focussed on processed cheese.
The company has 12 production sites with a workforce of more than 4,400. In 2016, Hochland generated a turnover of roughly 1,2 billion Euro. As a result Hochland is one of the largest manufacturers and refiners of cheese in Europe, supplying all major cheese varieties to national and international markets.
Hochland cheese is sold in over 30 countries and it’s name is synonymous with quality and ongoing product Innovation.
The food retail as well as the food industry and catering sector are supplied with high quality cheese products made by Hochland and based on concepts especially developed for customers in all desired forms. Hochland Professional is your partner in cheese, for individual high quality products under your own brand.

Hochland Professional – your partner in cheese for individual high quality products under your own brand. With leading expertise and represented in all main cheese segments.

Main cheese segments/products:
Processed Cheese:
Cheddar Cheese Food Slices, slice on slice, white or coloured, low salt recipe
Individually wrapped Cheese Food Slices, pure dairy or food preparation recipe
Sandwich Slices, in various flavours, for kids with embossed characters
Processed Cheese in Triangles
Processed Cheese in Tubs
Bavarian Cream Cheese, made of fresh cow’s milk and cream, in buckets, various weights
Original French Cream Cheese, made of fresh cow’s milk and cream, in tubular bags of 10kgs
Selected Natural Cheese in Cubes, in various sorts in a double chamber pack
Selected Natural Cheese Plates with slices in various sorts, various weights

Feta type Cheese in various weights

Grill Cheese slices in various flavours, for grill and pan

Hochland Deutschland GmbH
Kemptener Str. 17
88178 Heimenkirch – Allgaeu

Phone: +49 838 15020
E-mail: info@hochland.com
Internet: www.hochland-group.com


Imping's Kaffee Tradition GmbH

Booth number: S2-G42

Imping Kaffee is a traditional coffee roastery founded in 1875 with head office in Bocholt.

Handpicked coffees from the world´s best growing areas, the gentle refinement and the manual roasting guarantee a distinctive flavour and taste of Imping Kaffee. Discover the fascinating variety of Imping Kaffee specialities with it´s selection of finest blends and single coffees.

Made in Germany since 1875 - www.imping-kaffee.de

  • Coffee (beans & ground & freeze dried)

  • Coffee capsules

  • Coffee pads

  • Cappuccino & Cacao

  • Private Label Products

Imping's Kaffee Tradition GmbH
Raiffeisenring 8
46395 Bocholt

Phone: +49 2871 8343
E-mail: info@imping-kaffee.de
Internet: www.imping-kaffee.de


Jens Warneke Export GmbH

Booth number: Z6-F12

Cody’s brings a refreshing variety to the world that leaves no customer desires untended: passionately trendy, unrivalled low price and unmistakably German.

Our non-alcoholic malt beverages and non-alcoholic Energy Drinks are produced in Germany - using the best of ingredients and being subject to the strictest of quality requirements.

Refresh your business – with drinks made in Germany!

Benefit with Cody’s:

  • unrivalled low prices

  • unmistakably German

  • high-quality ingredients

  • trendy product variety

Cody's offers a wide range of products, including various energy drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages. The brand is successfully established in many parts of the world.

Our product range includes non-alcoholic malt beverages, with and without flavour and non-alcoholic Energy Drinks, regular, fruity and sugarfree.

Jens Warneke Export GmbH
Violenstr. 10
28195 Bremen

Phone: +49 421 302900
E-mail: info@jwexport.com
Internet: www.codys-drinks.com


Paradise Fruits by Jahncke

Booth number: S2-G15

For over 130 years, the Jahncke famiy has successfully owned and operated a large number of businesses within the fruit processing industry.

Located in the Altes Land area of Northern Germany, which is the largest contiguous apple growing area in Europe.

Managed now in the 5th generation, we strongly concentrate on highly sophisticated natural fruits snacks for the modern consumer.

Using state-of-the-art fruit processing lines, we specialise in the design and delivery of innovative, high quality fruit products, made in two factories in Germany and one in Poland. Working closely with our customers in retail and food industry, we create bespoke solutions for unique products.

Fruit Shapes, Fruit Juice Drops, Freeze Dried Fruits, Smoothie Bites!

We export worldwide with our own sales people and selling partners.

You will love our fruity world.

Our product portfolio:

  • Fruit shapes

  • fruit juice drops

  • fruit pieces

  • fruit fillings

  • freeze dryed fruits.

Exiting delicious, all natural, no preservatives,
For consumer, supermarkets and industry.

Paradise Fruits by Jahncke
Asseler Str. 110
21706 Drochtersen

Phone: +49 414 8615111
Fax: +49 414 8615444

E-mail: solutions@paradise-fruits.de
Internet: www.paradise-fruits.de


S.A.M. /Puma GT Energy Drink

Booth number: Z6-F26

S.A.M. /Puma GT Energy Drink
Mr. Syed Khurram Ulmenweg 1
65520 Bad Camberg

Phone: +49 1511 6837761
E-mail: info@pumagtworldwide.com
Internet: www.pumagtworldwide.com


Überkinger GmbH

Booth number: Z6-G23

We are producer of beverages with three filling lines for cans, pet- and glass bottles in the south of Germany.

In the year 1200, the well was mentioned by name for the first time. Our product range, internationally known for quality "Made in Germany", has expanded in recent years from mineral water to energy drink, alcoholic mix drinks and high-end spirits.

Besides our own brands- Energy XXL and Überkinger mineral water - we are also very strong in producing OEM products for our customer worldwide. With modern filling systems, we offer full-service solutions from product development to logistics.

Independent of the exact tasks, we realize your requirements with experience, know-how and to a high degree of reliability.

Überkinger is a German manufacturer of Energy Drinks, Vodka Mix Beverages as well as Mineral water, Beer and Sparkling Wine Beverages. Our products are mainly filled in cans which allows an easy handling and transportation and a very convenient usage for customers. Besides our own products we are also very strong in producing OEM.

Überkinger GmbH
Geislinger Str. 61
73337 Bad Ueberkingen

Phone: +49 733 130340
Fax: +49 733 13034444

E-mail: info@ueberkinger.com
Internet: www.ueberkinger.com